What Shift Knobs Fits My Car?

In many cases when you have an OEM shift knob it is threaded onto the shifter in your vehicle. This can make it tedious and confusing for a customer to replace or update the look of their shift knob. The shutt shift knobs use set screws on opposite sides of the shift knob to secure the knob to the shifter itself. Which is great news for those of us that don't want to figure out what the thread type is on your year and make of vehicle just to get some style in your ride.
Customizing your interior is as easy as deciding what style shifter you want in your vehicle. Of course you need to know if your vehicle has reverse to front or rear. Basically do your move the shifter to the rear or to the front when you want to back up? If the Shutt shift knob has the gears and reverse symbols on the top, then you will need to make sure you're buying the right one to fit your current shifter and transmission type.

As you can see the shift knobs typically have a collar that unscrews, revealing 3 set screws that you will tighten to secure the knob to your shifter.

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