Steering Wheels to Fit Ididit Columns?

Many manufacturers have steering wheels that will fit to an Ididit column when using a short HUB designed for that application. This includes the Shutt steering wheels. If you are unfamiliar with the process for installing an aftermarket steering wheel in your vehicle lets go through the steps.
The first step to determining if you can install an aftermarket steering wheel to your new Ididit column is finding out if someone makes a short HUB for your vehicle. We recommend the NRG short HUBs as they fit to the rings included with the Shutt steering wheels. You can find a current list of short HUBs from NRG here. Ididit Short HUB from NRG. Once you have found a short HUB for your vehicle you can decide whether you want to add a quick release which makes it so you can remove your steering wheel from the vehicle. A quick release will also bring the steering wheel closer to the driver.

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