Aftermarket Steering Wheel Legality

We have researched this topic several times, recently we dove into this again. Since there seems to be some confusion around this we thought we would post this article. In no way should you read this article as providing any legal advice. We are not lawyers and can't possibly research every states laws.

During our research we could not find any verifiable state statute preventing an individual from modifying their own car. Which is exactly what you would be doing by installing a steering wheel. There are laws in some states that prevent an "auto shop" from disabling the airbag of any vehicle. But nothing has been found showing that an individual cannot do the same work. 

During our research we noticed that there wasn't very many links to actual statutes. Mostly it was just comments by individuals. These individuals would make statements like they "know" it's illegal but would not provide any evidence to back it up. We found that some states have laws regarding steering wheel diameter and construction (which all Shutt USA steering wheels meet), but no laws requiring a vehicle to have an airbag, or disallowing an individual from removing their airbag from their own car.


Shutt USA only provides this as information and not as encouragement or advice for an individual to remove their steering wheel airbag. Shutt USA...

Although not conclusive, it looks like a person can do whatever they want to their own least we still have that freedom. So if you can do the work yourself, which you should be able to do after watching some videos, then you should have no problems.

We will post some links here in the future to help those interested in learning more about this topic.

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