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Passion for Performance

Our brand is part of the history of every driver who is passionate about his vehicle and who is a fan of automotive customization. It is this incredible feeling, which is also part of our essence, which leads us to develop products of high recognition in the national and international Market. Our steering wheels, shift knobs and pedal sets are high quality products to fit our customers need to set themselves apart.

And as constant innovation is one of our core values, Shutt is reinventing itself and bringing a much wider variety of products to choose from, all with the quality you already know. They are sound items, several pieces for personalization and even personal accessories for you to stay in tune with your car.  

We understand that for anyone who puts their car first, having a single vehicle is an inexplicable sensation. That's why you can count on Shutt, because everything that has our brand will exceed (and much) your expectations.

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